A Gift to Storytelling

Ann Baker is a gift to storytelling, inciting people to do good things, and uniting community. Her writing is approachable, clear, compelling, and fun. She makes web design, social media marketing, SEO, and tech assistance approachable even for resistant baby boomers. Her leadership in banding women together as community is needed, inspirational, and stellar. Kudos to Ann!

Diane Stark
Director and Producer, “Tuesday Lunch”

One of the Best in the Business

With every email, blog post, or block of web copy, you have a very short time to win over readers. Few do it well across a variety of content delivery systems. Ann is one of the best in the business. Her instinct in developing a brand-specific conversational “voice” is unerring, and she engages with honest warmth, insight, and authenticity. She writes like a best friend — someone you trust to steer you right. And with her expertise in SEO, web design, and social media marketing, she delivers a complete skill set that’s beyond invaluable. If you want to grow your audience online, Ann’s the one to do it.

Linda Lowen
Producer/Co-Host, Take Care, NPR
e:linda.lowen@gmail.com | w:www.wrvo.org/takecare | a:WRVO Public Media

Founder, Writing Classes & Coaching, Always Wanted to Write
Instructor, Creative Non-Fiction, Downtown Writer’s Center
Theater Reviewer, Syracuse Post-Standard, syracuse.com
Freelancer, Writing, Editing, Blogging, About.me
Columnist, “Storytime,” Family Times Parenting Guide of CNY
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Getting Tech Tips From a Person Who Understands Your Pain!

Ann Voorhees Baker is a wizard at explaining scary tech things in plain English and always with a sense of humor. Her Women at Woodstock session “Wrangling Your Wordpress Site & Social Media” was a great introduction to what “Wordpress” is and if it’s right for your blogging needs. She ended the session sharing a list of everyday apps and tech tips we should all know about—small things that lead to big improvements. Her reference printouts (with my scribbled notes) have proved very useful since that session.

—Laura E. Kelly
Graphic & Website designer

Ann Voorhees Baker Has a Way With Words!

Ann Voorhees Baker has a way with words! Ann was able to formulate a
perfect pitch and marketing materials for a program I had developed,
but was struggling to explain to potential audiences. I was amazed at
how well Ann understood what my program was really about, and was able
to get right down to the heart of it and describe it in a clear,
concise and catchy way.

I have sought Ann’s guidance on several occasions for writing and
marketing advice and have always found her to be down to earth, wise,
understanding and savvy about the world of online marketing. Ann also
has a knack for sharing her wisdom and guidance in a personable and
compassionate way. While it is obvious that she knows her craft, not
once did I ever feel embarrassed asking her a question that
demonstrates how in the dark I have been when it comes to technology.
I highly recommend her services.

Angela Kaufman, LCSW
Relationship Intuitive Consultant

She Helped Me Tremendously Get Through Building and Maintaining My Own Site

I’ve been working with and loving Ann for the better part of six years as a Women At Woodstock attendee. As a facilitator of a 3-day women’s retreat, Ann takes what is a daunting task of keeping several dozen women organized AND enthusiastic and makes it look easy!! The workshops are always engaging and fun as well as thought-provoking and educational. During the retreat, she shares her social media and website expertise in her own workshop and has helped me tremendously get through building and maintaining my own site for my life coaching business. Ann handles herself calmly and reassures you with her genuine sincerity that everything is going to be fine, and it always is because she really knows her stuff!!!
We live on opposite coasts but I’d move in next door if I could just to keep her close, that’s how highly I regard Ann Baker.

Janet Riccobono, Life Coach
New Life at Mid Life


The Answer to Boomer Womens’ Needs In a Tech Savvy and Evolving Career Market

Ann Voorhees Baker is the answer to boomer womens’ needs in a tech savvy and evolving career market. Her leadership and guidance helped me reinvent myself several times over, and grab my future with two very excited hands. Her baby, Women at Womenstock, gave me the courage to pursue ALL of my dreams and find like-minded women who have become friends for life. Few people have impacted my life as much as Ann.

Alice Barden
Screenwriter, Actor & Director

She Is Fast, Efficient and Very Reliable

Ann V. Baker is professional and easy to work with. She took my design ideas to the next level, made great suggestions and recommendations regularly. As my project developed she was easy to communicate with and was very responsive for all ideas I had. She is fast , efficient and very reliable and I highly recommend her for your web project.

Andrea Waters, Owner
Great Labels Luxury Consignment Boutique

Ann Is a Careful Listener and Very Supportive Consultant

I have worked with Ann for the past 4 years and I can’t say enough good things about her.  She has helped me tremendously with my business strategy, online marketing campaign, social media and blogging for my website. Ann is a careful listener and very supportive consultant and friend. I strongly recommend using her services.

Karen Venable
Founder, Roommates4Boomers.com

Thoughtful, Thorough, Tech-Savvy – What I Needed to Help My Clinic Web Presence Get Revamped

Being a physical therapist and business owner, I did not have the time or the expertise to revamp my website and my social media presence, but yet it needed to be done!  I owe great thanks and gratitude to Ann Voorhees Baker for being the thoughtful, thorough, tech-savvy woman that I needed to help my clinic web presence get revamped.  From walking me through LinkedIn, Facebook business page and Twitter, to redesigning my website and scheduling a photo shoot, Ann has been there every step of the way.  I would highly recommend her services for anyone who needs some hand-holding for this tech world!

Dr. Jenni Gabelsberg, PT, DPT, MSc, MTC, WCS, BCB-PMD
Founder, Women’s Advantage/ Men’s Optimal Health PT

Ann Is a Thoughtful, Talented and Reliable Writer

Ann is a thoughtful, talented and reliable writer. Her ability to capture the style and tone of a client’s brand makes the content she creates extremely valuable. Whatever your project – a website in development, an industry newsletter, maybe even a ghostwritten book – Ann Baker is a great resource.

Becky Remy
Creative Services Director, Integrated Marketing Manager
C3 Advertising, Inc.

I Really Appreciate Her Extensive Experience in Social Media and Media Relations

As the owner of a small business I really appreciate her extensive experience in social media and media relations. Her knowledge and training in maintaining my online activities to stay on top of new developments has tremendously helped my business.

Susan Placek
Graphic Designer & Artist, Creative Marketing, Gift Designer
The Creative Idea Shop

Ann Created a Superior, Spot-On Website Analysis for My Website

Ann created a superior, spot-on website analysis for my website. I was so impressed by her insights, suggestions, and overall knowledge and implementation notes on how to improve my site’s performance. I would recommend  Ann and her team to anyone who is interested in website marketing, seo tips, social media, PR help, and overall website management. She provides such a wide range of skills to any business owner with a web presence.

Pauline Molinari
Professional Crafter, Blogger, Publisher at Club ChicaCircle; Editorial Director for Walter Foster Jr.
Quarto Publishing Group USA

Ann Worked On My Site and in Just One or Two Sessions, My Site Functioned the Right Way

I am so thankful that I found Ann. I had created a WordPress site with another webmaster and I was unhappy with it and I couldn’t figure out how to fix the problems.

Ann worked on my site and in just one or two sessions my site functioned the right way, the information was correct and in the right place and she helped me with my titles and content. Thank you so much, Ann, for saving my website and helping me move forward in my life and business.

Much love,
Lesley Bohm Photography
Bohm Photography

I Have Sent Several People to Ann For Her Website Work

I have been a speaker at numerous Women at Woodstock events and never fail to be impressed with the quality of the event and the quality of the attendees. Ann Baker is the reason this happens. From our initial conversation to today, Ann has been both a delight to work with, a tireless supporter, and an intelligent woman providing needed services for her clientele. I have sent several people to Ann for either attendance at the events or for her website work – I know I can trust her to get the job done and do it well!

Janet M. Neal, MA, ACC
Founder & Queen Bee, The Superbwoman, Inc.

Ann Has Done a Marvelous Job in Composing the Blogs and Managing PERF’s Website

This year, our subscriber base has increased almost threefold. We’re gaining traction with the COPD community, providing weekly messages that span the range from helpful hints to the latest research results. Ann Voorhees Baker, our webmaster, has done a marvelous job, taking the lead in composing the blogs and managing PERF’s website and social media activities.

Richard Casaburi, Ph.D., M.D.,
President, Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation
December 2017