I ghostwrite full-length nonfiction books, blogs for business websites, and articles.  I write web content, social media posts, and copy for marketing materials. I also write my own blog on the Women At Woodstock website, Get Yourself Published (Substack), and this site.

My most recent ghostwriting project was a book of information and advice by a family law attorney, regarding issues of importance to young women.

For the past five years, I’ve served as webmaster and Marketing Manager for Cinergy Construction. For many years I researched and wrote regular blog posts for the Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation, and Sixty and Me.

I write my own regular blog posts both on this site and on my Women At Woodstock website.

Currently I’m ghostwriting a sequel to the first book by the family law attorney, regarding tactics and considerations for both men and women going through a divorce.

How much ghostwriting and contributor writing have I done?  Answer: I’ve written more than 500 blog posts on Women At Woodstock, 200 posts on Roommates4Boomers, 240 posts on the Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation website, 40 blog posts for Cinergy Construction, and a couple dozen contributor posts on SixtyandMe. I’ve also written web content for many of my web design clients.

Yes, I do love writing. Otherwise, I’d be in serious need of an intervention.

Click here to read samples of some of my writings.