I develop websites from the ground up, using the WordPress platform. I also redesign existing websites to give them a fresh, updated look or a better navigational flow. But it’s all WordPress. If your website was built using Joomla or Wix or Website Tonight or any of the other platforms, I’m not the right nerd for you.

My Process

Whether building from scratch or doing a redesign, I always start with a pretty serious interview (like, not somber, but, you know, in-depth). I ask step-back, big-picture questions, like, what are you hoping to accomplish with your site? Who is your market? Have you searched for the keywords that you think are the most important for your site – and, if so, what kinds of sites did you find?

Then we go into the specifics of what’s on your site, what you want to add or take away, how a user will best understand the navigation menu and find what they’re looking for, and the look and feel you desire.

Then on my own time, I analyze the parts and functions of your site and what will be needed to get your website looking and acting the way that you want. And I give you a detailed quote that spells out what I will be doing and what my fee will be.

Your Obligation

There is none. It’s up to you if we work together. If not, there’s no fee for the time I’ve spent getting to know you and mapping out the work required to build or redesign your site. If you do want to hire me on as your web developer, fantabulous. Either way, it was nice meeting you.

Show You?

Oh wait, maybe you’d like to see some of the websites I’ve created. Fair enough. Click here to see a portfolio of websites I’ve developed recently.

Case Studies

And this might interest you: Here are a few web redesign case studies.  Click here to take a look.