I occasionally take on a ghostwriting project for a full-length book. Two have been published in the last two years. I love the challenge of organizing, researching (or interviewing), and writing a huge manuscript of 80,000+ words that’s cohesive, informative, and entertaining .

I also ghostwrite blog posts for a select few clients.  How can I do that? Well, these are clients whose websites deliver factual and/or inspirational information for their visitors. I can research information, trends, and helpful advice pertaining to the purpose of the website, and write any number of posts that are on target and well received by visitors. No, I don’t write other people’s personal blogs – about their feelings, their political or religious views, or their intimate thoughts. I’m not crazy.

Finally, I write content for websites, marketing pieces, articles bylined to my clients, and press announcements.

Now, because these are “ghostwriting” projects, I can never tell you what I’ve written or for whom. That’s the nature of the beast. You’d think I’d have a helluva time finding new projects since everything is so hush hush. But in fact ghostwriting is a majority of the work that I do. Word of mouth, my friends, word of mouth. I love ghostwriting, and I’m very grateful that I have a steady stream of this type of work.