Social media specialists talk a lot about who’s using what type of social media platform, using the data to guide business people in finding their target market online.  But that data is equally useful for people wanting to connect with others for social and personal reasons. For example, if you’re looking meet people with a higher level of education, or women over 50, or those with similar interests or tastes, or men over 50, which social media platform is the best place for you to look?  The social media marketing data is equally valid for these purposes.

For example, what if you’re looking to meet other women who have exquisite taste in minimalist home design?  Where to find them? Probably Pinterest, where 80% of the users are women, and the entire content consists of visual representations of their interests.  Or if you’re looking to find men over 50 working in technical fields?  Google+, hands down.

So, take a look at this internet usage infographic, which was compiled by the highly respected website, Granted it was put together in March 2012, so – grain of salt. But the numbers, relative to each other, are very illuminating and certainly give you an idea of where “your” people are living on the web. Click here for a nifty infographic showing who’s active, and where, online. It breaks data down by platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) and within each platform by gender, age, income level, and education level. SUCH good stuff to know!


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