Twitter Buffer AppIf you use Twitter, you’ve probably heard advice about the best times to tweet – those days and hours when the highest number of people are on Twitter, looking at their feeds. Experts will advise you that those are the best windows of opportunity for tweeting. This advice is good to know, but it’s very, very general… it doesn’t at all take into account target marketing – which we all know is so important to reach your market – people who will be interested in your products or services and will buy from you.

What’s meant by target marketing?

New moms interested in finding products to soothe their babies to sleep might be more likely to check their Twitter feeds at 3 am – whereas young professionals looking for weekend entertainment might be looking most often at 9:30 am on Thursdays.

The Buffer App times your tweets for your target market

So how do you find your own best times? We found a new application that sounds like a good tool – Buffer.  This application links up to your Twitter account and analyzes when your own followers are most often on Twitter, and it schedules your Tweets (that you load through the app) accordingly.  It even does this with re-tweets.

Types of Buffer App plans

Buffer has free and paid plans: with the free service you get 10 tweets in your buffer, for one Twitter account.  There are paid plans ranging from $10 to $30 per month that allow additional Twitter accounts, team member users, and a greater number of tweets.

We’re going to try it out.  If you decide to try Buffer, check back here and let us know what you think!  Did you see any appreciable changes in new followers, retweets, or direct messages?   We’d love to share your impressions, results, and feedback with our followers.  Post your comments here!

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