Have you heard of the new Send Button from Facebook?  You can add it to your website or blog to create a button with the Facebook icon and the word “send.”  It allows a visitor to click on the button and then either send an inbox message to individual Facebook friends, post to the group wall of any group they’ve joined, or send a message to email addresses.    This is different from the Like Button, which is used to share your content with all of the Liker’s friends via a post that shows up on all their friends’ news feeds.

On first glace the Send Button may seem like a weaker tool than the Like Button because it doesn’t necessarily send info to all the friends of the user.

Not so!  On the contrary, the Send Button can deliver a much more powerful sharing of your content. Why?  Because when the message is sent to the visitor’s selected friends via Facebook message or email, the transmission “lives” in the inbox of the recipient until it’s read (or at least opened).  Although a Like click shows up in the entire list of the Liker’s Facebook friends’ news feeds, that item can push down in the feeds and out of site before it’s ever seen by the friends.

You can find out more about both the Send and the Like buttons by clicking on the hotlinks above.  If you just want quick access to the code for the Send button, here it is:

<div id=”fb-root”></div>
<script src=”http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1″></script><fb:send href=”http://your url here” font=”tahoma”></fb:send>

Hey, try it out by sending this to your friends!  Click the Send button on the right of this screen!

2 thoughts on “The New Facebook Send Button – Social Media Gets More Personal

    1. The system apparently is set up to work with prompts – in other words, if you type in the first few letters of a friends’ name, then all friends with that letter combo will pop up in a window and you can choose them. You can keep typing a letter and selecting friends, adding to the list for the send, one friend at a time. Not practical for a thousand sends, but practical for targeted selections.

      This is another in the trend toward social media platforms attempting to add a “thoughtfulness” component into the use of their tools.

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