I’ve been working with and loving Ann for the better part of six years as a Women At Woodstock attendee. As a facilitator of a 3-day women’s retreat, Ann takes what is a daunting task of keeping several dozen women organized AND enthusiastic and makes it look easy!! The workshops are always engaging and fun as well as thought-provoking and educational. During the retreat, she shares her social media and website expertise in her own workshop and has helped me tremendously get through building and maintaining my own site for my life coaching business. Ann handles herself calmly and reassures you with her genuine sincerity that everything is going to be fine, and it always is because she really knows her stuff!!!
We live on opposite coasts but I’d move in next door if I could just to keep her close, that’s how highly I regard Ann Baker.

Janet Riccobono, Life Coach
New Life at Mid Life