With every email, blog post, or block of web copy, you have a very short time to win over readers. Few do it well across a variety of content delivery systems. Ann is one of the best in the business. Her instinct in developing a brand-specific conversational “voice” is unerring, and she engages with honest warmth, insight, and authenticity. She writes like a best friend — someone you trust to steer you right. And with her expertise in SEO, web design, and social media marketing, she delivers a complete skill set that’s beyond invaluable. If you want to grow your audience online, Ann’s the one to do it.

Linda Lowen
Producer/Co-Host, Take Care, NPR
e:linda.lowen@gmail.com | w:www.wrvo.org/takecare | a:WRVO Public Media

Founder, Writing Classes & Coaching, Always Wanted to Write
Instructor, Creative Non-Fiction, Downtown Writer’s Center
Theater Reviewer, Syracuse Post-Standard, syracuse.com
Freelancer, Writing, Editing, Blogging, About.me
Columnist, “Storytime,” Family Times Parenting Guide of CNY
And still more at my website LindaLowen.com