Write, share, teach, entertain, listen, learn, monitor, add, join, friend, tag, follow, analyze – then set up the next new account, fill out the next new profile form, and repeat!  Don’t fall behind!

Social media will turn you into the snake eating your own tail if you don’t stop, take a breath, and reestablish your goals and your boundaries.

Want to know how?  Join us for our sanity-inducing seminar, “30-Minutes-A-Day Power Marketing In 2012.”  Yes, that’s right – 30 minutes a day.  We think that’s sane.  After all, you’re running a business, aren’t you?  Learn how to make PR and social media help you, not drive you out of your mind.

The seminar is on Tuesday, December 6 at 5 pm eastern, 2 pm pacific.  Sign up now – it’s free!

Click here to sign up in a jiffy.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Shouldn’t Eat Your Life

  1. Hello
    I was unable to access the link to sign up for the seminar next Tuesday. Please let me know how I should proceed.
    Thank you.

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