Last spring I conducted a webinar for Janet Neal’s Tribe of Superbwomen on social media marketing for the small business owner. I called it “How to Stop Running On The Social Media Marketing Hamster Wheel In Hell,” because that’s what so many entrepreneurial women do, particularly, I think, women over 50. We didn’t grow up with this stuff; many of us just aren’t as facile with it as those 30-somethings out there. So I put together this webinar to give hard-working businesswomen a quick ‘n dirty crash course in social media marketing, and in it I share eight ways you can save time on social media postings, get better results, monitor how well your plan is working, and stop worrying! I’ll be teaching a more expanded workshop at Women At Woodstock 2016 – “How to Wrangle Your WordPress Site Into Shape & Make It Do Most of Your Social Media Marketing For You.”

Post-Webinar Update:

Google has suspended the Google Rank score that it used to make available to everyone. Yes, they still rank websites according to their very complex system of algorithms, but they now keep those rankings to themselves. So please disregard my comments in this webinar on Google Rank!


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