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see this video that was so easy to create

And I have a suggestion that makes it so easy!

Yes, I know everyone’s telling you to put video on your website.  Here’s the why and a great way to achieve the how.

First the “why.” Video attracts more attention, and is chosen more often, when it’s in a list of website options in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  That’s great – but have you noticed the menu on the left of your SERP – where you can choose whether to see “All” the SERP results for your search, or just images, or just video?  More and more people are choosing the Video option.  Which means that if you don’t have video, you will NOT be on that list.  Furthermore, since so many website owners still have not jumped on the video bandwagon, your chances of coming up higher on the list, when the “Video” option is chosen, are higher by a factor of 10, 100, even 1,000!

SERP with-without videoSee for yourself:  Open up a new tab right now and google “purple cats sleeping.”  You’ll get a list of approximately 10.5 MILLION websites.  Now, in the left menu, click on Videos.  Your list will now consist of 50 or 60 websites!  See what I mean?

So now on to the “how.”  You know you can make a talking head video – and if you’re like many, you don’t really want to do that.  You also know you can make a kind of powerpoint or screen capture presentation, with you or someone else narrating.  That’s OK but it still can produce kind of a flat result.

Here’s where my easy solution comes in:  Create a video from a well-written script and a collection of representative images, set it to music, and you’ll have an entertaining video that looks and feels pretty polished.  Did you have an event recently?  Use photos from it, write a good script, set it to music, and voila!  Do you have a set of services or a brand new collection of products to feature?  Do the same thing.  Do you simply want to state what you’re about and what makes you different from your competitor?  Create a video from your bullet points.

We just created two such videos for our brand new website for PR-123.  Check them out here:  and see what you think!

Animoto is a great service that makes it easy to create videos from images or video snippets – we have a professional account with them.  You can try Animoto free and make 30-second videos, or pay for upgrades to create videos of any length and remove the Animoto branding from the finished product.

P.S. There’s an automatic discount for you if you use the link above to join Animoto Plus or Pro!

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    1. Thanks for sharing this resource, Roberta! I’ve used Authorstream in the past to convert recorded PowerPoint presentations (did you know you can just hit “record” while clicking through your slideshow?) to video – but screencast-o-matic seems more versatile – and at just $12/year for the pro version, it seems like a very good deal.

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