On a professional level, I like the way that 2021 wrapped up.

I Edited a 185,000-Word Manuscript

At the beginning of the year, I took on an editing project for a book of inspirational stories, one for every day of the year; and 688 pages and 185,000 words later, on December 27 I finished the project. The bonus was that in the process I got to know the author, well-known caterer, businessman, and inspirational speaker Bill Hansen, a man I greatly admire. 

I Converted & Redesigned a 500-Page Website

I also took on the mammoth task of converting an old HTML-based website to a WordPress site; a daunting enough task as it is, but in this case near to the breaking point of overwhelming, as the website consists of 500 pages and 2,000 media files; and the site is chock-full of external links and scholarly articles. But I was thrilled to work on The EcoTipping Points website because, first of all, I love a challenge; but more important, EcoTipping Points are all about a genius method of fixing environmental problems without chemicals, high-tech equipment, or massive infusions of money–or steamrolling local cultures. Like an aikido master who redirects an opponent’s momentum to his advantage, EcoTipping Points marshal ecological and social forces responsible for environmental problems so they serve as driving forces for restoration and sustainability.

I started my career as a prosecuting attorney for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and I’m committed to environmentally sound living, so it’s been a special honor to work with EcoTipping Points’ founder Dr. Gerry Marten, an ecologist with more than sixty years of research and successful transformations of a variety of ecosystems around the world. Click here to see a list of over 80 such projects they’ve spearheaded, and that’s only part of what they’ve accomplished!

I would love to provide one more service for the EcoTipping Points Project, and that’s to help bring in some new funding for their incredible work. Would you consider donating a small sum? Any amount will help. Click here to donate. Thank you in advance!

Click on either screenshot below to see The Eotipping Points Project
before & after conversion & redesign:

OLD                                                                   NEW

So 2021 is a wrap, and as Erin Brockovitch would say, “I really am quite tired.”

Looking Forward To the New Year

I look forward to new and challenging projects that might come my way in 2022. And I have to say, my sanity as I work in my “day job” as a writer, editor, and web developer is very much dependent on the ongoing warmth and fellowship of the extraordinary Women At Woodstock community (my “passion project” endeavor), which keeps me grounded and brings me back to focus on my own creative writing projects time and time again. I know I am very lucky. 

I hope the best for you in this new year.

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