Google SERPNo doubt you’ve heard that Google has changed its search algorithm this year.  The effect is supposed to be better support of higher quality websites that have good, useful content.  Sites built by web savvy types that bend and abuse the rules of the game solely to attract traffic are supposed to lose some of their edge under the new search and return process.

You can read Google’s official announcement about the update here.

How will this affect you?  Will the new methods drive traffic toward or away from your site?  There’s an excellent article with all the details at  What it essentially boils down to is this, though:  Google will now factor in, heavily, how much time visitors spend on your site before bouncing out.  So deviously planted keywords, frequent uploads of valueless content and other tricks of the not-so-nice SEO trade will no longer give less authentic webmasters an edge.

Kind of reminds us of the old days when students trying to earn extra points dressed up their reports with fancy fonts, shiny covers, and flashy title pages.  The good teachers would ignore that stuff and judge the report on its merit – the quality of the writing and the value of the information presented.  Consider Google a fairer grader than in the past.


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