Just sayin’. Or trying to, anyway… Women are interrupted far more often than men are. Mostly it’s men who do it, but women do it too. So if you’re interrupted often, it’s not just you. It’s a persistent and pervasive gender bias. Not complaining. Just sayin’. Be aware. Learn to adapt. And don’t perpetuate it yourself.

Read “How men continue to interrupt even the most powerful women,” by Yonja Jacobi and Dylan Schweers, on Big Think.

Interesting tech note: There’s an app you can use, called Woman Interrupted, to see how many times you’re interrupted by men during conversations (called “manterruption”). It was created by a Brazilian ad agency to raise awareness about this issue. The app tracks the amount of times a woman is interrupted by men during a conversation, using the mic on the phone to analyze the conversation (without recording it). At the end of the conversation, the app creates a graph of interruptions, including the time that they happened. Stats can be compiled by day, week, and month as well.



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