There’s been an almost magical development in the way that small businesses can raise money these days. It used to be that you’d look for an angel investor or a chance to present before a venture capital group. Still worthwhile endeavors – but now there’s a new and exciting option – crowdfunding. This is where you use an online platform to present a fund-worthy project to the world and ask people to make donations or investments in any amount they choose. Sometimes it works – and typically it’s free! Here are two: Kickstarter (for creative projects) and Passerby (for films). Check them out! Be sure to read the platform’s requirements and make sure you can satisfy them before posting your project.

Here’s an example of a Passerby project posted by one of my daughter’s friends – for a film they’re making about the trend in investigative reporting. Their goal is $10,000 and they’ve been growing by about $1,000 a day since posting. I wonder if they’ll make it? They have a few more days to go. Send them a few dollars if you think their film is worthwhile!

Have you tried crowdfunding? If so, I’d love to interview you for a future blog post and find out what your experience was – whether you achieved your goal and how it all worked out for you. Send me an email!

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