If  the prospect of keyword research makes you feel about as computer savvy as your pet dog, and you know you don’t pay enough attention to this important component of Search Engine Optimization, a great tool to use is the Scribe Keyword Suggestion Tool.  First, it’s easy.  Second, it’s quick.  Third, it gives you a compact little box of results and suggestions – not a big long nested list followed by various twists and turns of analytical data, so daunting that you end up saying “Feh,” and shutting it down.  

The best thing, though, is that you can click on the tool and use it right on the fly from within your blog editing window  – boom, at the very moment you’re working, thinking, and motivated to optimize.  Let’s face it, running reports on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis and then sitting down to pore through them is just so blah and time-consuming that lots of small business owners rarely or even never do it.  This, you can do easily and often.  You can even make a habit of it so that it becomes second nature.

To read Scribe’s quick tutorial on the new keyword research features of their cool tool, click here.

Note from Ann: Since this blog post was first published back in 2012, Scribe has ceased offering its tool as a stand-alone product. However, it is available under certain circumstances. Says the notice on their website: 

“We are no longer offering Scribe as a standalone product for new customers. However, Scribe is a standard feature of the Rainmaker Platform and built into all Synthesis Managed WordPress Hostingaccounts.”

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