I’m having a great time teaching “Internet Catch-Up for Boomers and Above” at UCLA Extension this winter. This is a first-time offering, and enrollment for the class sold out! Originally set for a classroom with a maximum capacity of 47, the course had to be moved to a different building with a larger room to accommodate the overflow registrations. I now have 60 students – and it grew by 3 students between sessions 1 and 2 – proof that word of mouth is still good advertising!

Not only am I having fun teaching, I’m learning new things too.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the level of sophistication I’m seeing among Boomers and above. For example, sometimes when I ask the class “who knows what X means,” or “who has tried Y application,” very few hands are raised, but in the last session when I asked “How many of you have installed antivirus software on your computers?” at least 50% raised their hands. Darned good stats, I’d say, for a demographic that’s lagging behind in many aspects of internet use. When it comes to being smart and staying protected, it appears that our age group might well be more savvy than younger folks. Yeah – score one for Generation Boomer!

2 thoughts on “Internet Catch-Up for Boomers and Above at UCLA

  1. Dear Ann:

    Please register me as a member of your class and forward the homework assignments when convenient.
    I’m sorry to say, I have been ill since February 1, and unable to attend classes, but am feeling much better now, and will be with you next week. Hope you have also fully recovered from your recent illness.
    All good wishes.
    Peggy Forster,, Student “Internet Catch-Up for Boomers and Above — Part I

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