Want to know what the pros know about effective PR?  Want to keep in step with the best methods and trends they’ll be following in the year to come?  You can get the inside scoop by reading my three-part series on PR trends for 2012 published by CommPro.  In the articles, I gathered the “top 12” trends and predictions for the coming year specifically for the guidance of PR professionals, but these insights will prove very useful to all small business owners, especially if you’re handling most or all of your own media outreach and other PR and social media efforts.

Here’s the first in the series – click the link below to learn how important your online publishing activities will be in the year to come:

Where is PR Going in 2012?  Part I – E-Publishing Trends 

I talk about the continuing importance of generating new content for your site or blog – on a regular schedule, and why it makes a difference not only for your human visitors but for the search engines as well.  Read more… 

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