I just read another great article from TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog on the importance of images for search engine optimization and social media.  One stat jumped out at me right away – because I just joined Pinterest a month ago and I’ve been interested to see the activity on that social site.  Pinterest, kind of like StumbleUpon, is a place where you collect what interests you, and other like-minded individuals presumably are influenced by your selections.  Pinterest is all images.  When you find something online that you like, you can “Pin” it and select an image from the web page you’re visiting, to go up on your Pinterest bulletin board.  If someone likes what you like, they can follow your Pinterest board.  Here’s the stat that hit me: Pinterest has grown by 4,000% in the last 6 months!

TopRank’s Ashley Zeckman, who authored the article, gives many tips for getting the most out of your images so that you help SEO and social media presence through their use.  Click here for the full article how to maximize search and social media results with your images.



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