Simplisafe screenshotI harp a lot in my weekly updates and to my clients directly about the essential elements for a successful website home page. Last week I stumbled across an “old friend” website that has every necessary ingredient, nicely organized and presented in an enticing way.  It beautifully represents all that I teach.

Did I have anything to do with it?  Nah…  But I’d like you to see which website I’m talking about – SimpliSafe.  Here’s why I think it’s close to a perfect example of a website that will generate a high conversion rate:

    • Provocative headline right up there, front and center.  “Don’t buy a burglar alarm until you have scrolled down this page” catches interest right away.
    • Visuals of the product they’re selling, up front.
    • Credibility enhancing media endorsements cleverly positioned above the menu bar: very visible yet not interfering with the flow of the copy on the page.
    • Media endorsement logos repeated right under the product images.  They’re not afraid to be redundant – an effective tactic when done well.
    • Media endorsements “told” to the viewer via the headline at the top on the left.  Again, good redundancy of one of the most persuasive selling features they have to offer.
    • Video on home page, right up at the top.  And not just one, but two!
    • A clean, simple, not-too-many-choices menu bar.  After all, when a visitor comes to the page, he’s not likely to have so much interest in the product being featured that he’ll want to click on 12 different menu choices about the product, its origins, its founders, etc.  Offering just a few simple choices is more appealing and better matches the initial interest level of the visitor.
    • First scroll down, the site features a fun-looking, colorful yet very clean and crisp presentation of the many selling features of their alarm system.

Simplisafe features list

  • Finally, when you continue scrolling down the home page, you find that it goes on, and on, and on – a classic sales page or splash page format.  They present comparison charts, quotes from happy customers, excerpts from media writeups, more videos, and more.  Research has shown that for a product based website, a long page with lots of info and repeat invitations to click and buy is often more effective than a shorter home page with lots of menu tabs to click on to obtain that same information.

Do you have a product based website? Take a look at your home page and see if you might adopt some of the effective techniques that Simplisafe is using.




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