static iframe app logoIn the past we’ve written about Alternate Reveal Tabs and how they can add Likers for your Facebook business page.  A new visitor to your page will land on this tab, and see a page that offers something of interest or of value (a discount coupon, for example) that will be revealed/delivered when the visitor clicks “Like” for the page.  When the Like button is clicked, a new view of the same page is revealed, delivering the promised item of interest or value.

It used to be that you could add a tab using Facebook’s own app and FBML language.  Then in March 2011, Facebook changed the rules (what a surprise…) and suspended the FBML option.  One must use iFrames now.  Many small business owners who are do-it-yourself Facebook users don’t know what to do with this new requirement.

If you google how to add tabs and iFrames to your Facebook page, you’re likely to find all sorts of long and complicated instructions, and you might throw your hands up in despair. No worries – you don’t need to delve into the long list of instructions and do it all on your own!  There’s a cool free app that adds a new tab to your page and lets you easily load it with content and give it a custom name.  It’s called Static iFrame Tab and we highly recommend it!

Two things to note:  when you click to install the app, it will prompt you to switch back to your personal account if you happen to be using Facebook as your page.  Don’t worry, you will be given the opportunity to select the page where the app will be used.  Also, the app itself doesn’t tell you how to customize the name of your new tab (the default is”Welcome”).  Here’s how to do that: From the Facebook page where you’re instaling the new tab, just click Edit Page on the right, then apps.  Scroll down to the iFrame app, click edit, and then change the title.

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