We found a resource that makes it possible to find and contribute to blogs as a guest blogger without searching the internet using a bunch of keywords and reading blog after blog, then searching for the blog host’s email address.  It’s called Blogger Linkup, and it’s a free clearinghouse where those seeking guest bloggers and those seeking to contribute to others’ blogs can post what they’re seeking and find matches. 

Guest blogging is a great way to not only build backlinks but also to simply spread the word about your product, service, or expertise, and build your presence on the web.  And when you’re a guest blogger, you enjoy at least an implied endorsement from the blog host – almost like being recommended to his or her community of followers who already trust the host.  Guest blogging is well worth the work required to create your new posts.  Just check out each blog first at Alexa.com to make sure that it ranks high enough to be worth your time.

Finally, limit your posts to blogs that generally discuss topics relevant to your business or product.  Backlinks from totally unrelated blogs or sites can actually hurt your ratings, so avoid the temptation to throw your link anywhere and everywhere.

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