Spamageddon – My Business Owner’s Spam Nightmare

woman scared at computer

I’ve been living a nightmare for the past 24 hours with an email service (not the one I’m using for this website’s email list), and I’d like your opinion. Here’s what happened:

I collaborated with a large website whose following is a fit for my Women At Woodstock event. I offered a giveaway on their site. When readers signed up for the giveaway, they agreed they’d receive email ... 

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Good-Bye AVG – I’m Breaking Up With You & You Deserve It – You Really Do

AVG logo x'd out

I received this notice today, addressed to the email account I used when I enrolled in AVG.

Dear Ann,

This is just a quick note to let you know that your AVG protection subscription is due to expire in 45 days on August 26th, 2012. But there’s no need to worry – your AVG protection will continue to be updated automatically, as per AVG’s Continuing Protection Service agreement (formerly known as “On-Going Protection Service”) that you signed when you originally purchased your ... 

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