Check Out the Before-&-After Websites for Women’s-Advantage!

Womens-Advantage-old & new websites

Woo hoo! I just finished working with a brilliant client named Jenni Gabelsberg, the director of Women’s Advantage | Men’s Optimal Health, to redesign and upgrade her website, and I had so much fun working with her not only because it was satisfying to improve her design and add the SEO and security features that her site sorely needed, but because I so highly respect the work that they’re doing at the practice. Jenni and her staff bring relief from pain, discomfort, worry, ... 

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Still At Do-It-Yourself Stage? Here’s a Great Resource for Web Design and Other Design Projects

Daniel Epstein

Daniel Epstein of the “Unreasonable” group appears to be a very interesting fellow who is seeking to break the mold in just about every direction his mind takes him.  I’ll be watching him from now on with curiosity to see how he fares and if his “Box? What box?” thinking succeeds.  He seems to be of the Cindy Gallop camp of thinkers.  I wonder if they know each other – or if they should meet and talk?

Here’s a resource-packed article he recently ... 

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How Color Influences Marketing

color infographic

Going far beyond the old days when we learned that “red” would make products stand out on the shelves and sell better, here’s a great infographic that breaks down color every which way and talks about target market, the perceived value or characteristic portrayed by different colors, preferred colors of different demographic groups, and more.  Interesting stuff by SocialMediaadd:

How Color Influences Marketing.

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