Max’ing Out, Karma, Chaos, and A Thousand Hail Mary’s – My Laptop Dies and I Might Have Started the End of Civilization

out of space meme

I may ask my doctor for a permanent prescription for anti-anxiety medication, or maybe just a heavy-duty tranquilizer. Last year at this time I had to buy and configure a new laptop starting at 6 pm the night before my early-morning flight to the annual 8-day retreat I host in Woodstock, because my laptop just gave up and died. Didn’t get to research, look for bargains, order what I wanted, etc. Got something ... 

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6 Ways to Fail at SEO

SEO infographic
Here are the top 6 ways that many small business owners fail at SEO, and what to do about them. If you miss the boat on these, your web traffic is gonna suck. 1.    “I already took care of it.  My SEO is done.”

Like grocery shopping, there is no “done.” New rules, new social media platforms, new search algorithms – the collection of tools and techniques you can and should – and shouldn’t – employ to keep driving traffic your way are constantly evolving.  You must keep up with SEO, or hire a trusted expert to perform this important service for you on an ongoing basis.  It’s not a one-shot deal.

2.    One Captain.  No players.

Unless ... 

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