Just Stop It – Boomerang’s “Pause” Button for Gmail

finger pointing at pause inbox button

I have to get my oil changed. I hate to get my oil changed. So I planned ahead; I would do this detested chore in the least time possible with a minimum of psychic pain.

My Plan for My Day 

Here was my plan: I always start my workday early – around 6:30 am, so no big deal to work for an hour, shut down my laptop, and then leave for Big O Tires. I’d arrive 10 minutes before they open, holding at the ready my special discount coupon that arrived in the mail last week. I’d be first ... 

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Back Up To the Cloud – I Beg You

blue clouds

A friend wrote to me about the agony she was suffering trying to transfer all the files from her almost-dead computer to her new one. She was using flash drives and it was taking days.

I wrote back to her with this:

“I urge you to throw down those flash drives and do this instead: Set up a backup and storage account with a cloud-based service. It’s an elegant and almost painless solution. Backup up from the almost-dead computer; then restore to the new computer. Literally just a couple of ... 

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Password Hell

woman holding help sign

Here’s what they all tell you:

  • Never use a password that includes names, numbers, or places from your life.
  • Never use the same password twice.
  • Never write down your passwords.
  • Never store your passwords on your computer or your phone.
  • Never give your passwords to anyone else.

Password Rules Are Hell

According to the rules above, you’re supposed to:

  • Use a different password for every account you have online
  • Use passwords that don’t contain anything from your life – i.e. people, pets, places you’ve been, favorite teams, or anything else that somebody might guess you would use
  • Keep no record of your passwords, anywhere
  • Trust absolutely no one with your passwords

Um, does that sound doable to you?

Heck no. It’s classic circular logic. Catch-22. Absurd. Impossible.

It’s Password Hell.

Most of Us Break the Password Best-Practice Rules

All these great rules leave us right where we started: Nowhere.

So most of us do what humans will do – we cheat. Either we use names and places that mean something to us to help us remember our passwords, or we use the ... 

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Nancy Shenker Did A Funny Thing For Business

Nancy Shenker - puppet

Last week I got an email from Nancy Shenker, guru of theONSwitch, and in it she announced that she’s starting a video series on business. Did I say just a video series? I should have said a puppet show video series on business. What?

I gave it a watch and I thought it was awesome. There’s Nancy all right, in person on camera, so no, it’s not an entire puppet show. But there’s also this great puppet Mimi who provides a light tone and comic relief. It’s the perfect ... 

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A Better, Tech-ier Way To Send Money Overseas

money flying

The extent to which people are moving around the globe; traveling overseas, taking extended stays, becoming expats – well, you’d think the whole world was their home.

Wait a minute, the whole world is our home, isn’t it?

More Travel. More Money Moving Around the Globe.

As we grow older, many of us are traveling more, including internationally. Not only might we have more time to travel than when we were younger; thanks to the internet and laptops, many of us can take our work with us, making ... 

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How to Use Tech to Donate to Good Causes For Free

hands holding coins

Contributing to the common good is one of the very best reasons for becoming more tech savvy. And it’s even better when your use of tech helps people in need (or the planet) at no cost to you, and via a process that makes your donations automatic and effortless. Once you set up your participation, you’ll ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I do this?”

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the massive earthquakes in Mexico (can these disasters ... 

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Social Media Marketing: How To Stop Running On A Hamster Wheel In Hell

cartoon woman on hamster wheel

Last spring I conducted a webinar for Janet Neal’s Tribe of Superbwomen on social media marketing for the small business owner. I called it “How to Stop Running On The Social Media Marketing Hamster Wheel In Hell,” because that’s what so many entrepreneurial women do, particularly, I think, women over 50. We didn’t grow up with this stuff; many of us just aren’t as facile with it as those 30-somethings out ... 

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Still At Do-It-Yourself Stage? Here’s a Great Resource for Web Design and Other Design Projects

Daniel Epstein

Daniel Epstein of the “Unreasonable” group appears to be a very interesting fellow who is seeking to break the mold in just about every direction his mind takes him.  I’ll be watching him from now on with curiosity to see how he fares and if his “Box? What box?” thinking succeeds.  He seems to be of the Cindy Gallop camp of thinkers.  I wonder if they know each other – or if they should meet and talk?

Here’s a resource-packed article he recently ... 

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Video How-To for Driving Web Traffic & Making Money

Video is still right up there in the web traffic / SEO world, and it’s an area where most small business owners remain sadly behind.  It just seems too high a techhie wall for so many.

Well, I’m going a little bit out on a limb here – I’m recommending a webinar by James Wedmore (free, by the way) about how to create and use great videos to market and add revenue to your business.  I’m going ... 

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