Two Easy Tips to Increase Traffic To Your Website

web traffic chart

In a recent post, I wrote about how to find your website’s Alexa score to see if you’re getting good traffic. My advice was, don’t panic if your score isn’t so impressive. Rather, use it as a baseline to measure progress. So, let’s say you’ve checked your website’s Alexa score, and you’ve learned that your score is fair to middling (or, OK, downright discouraging), and you’d like to make some changes ... 

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Video How-To for Driving Web Traffic & Making Money

Video is still right up there in the web traffic / SEO world, and it’s an area where most small business owners remain sadly behind.  It just seems too high a techhie wall for so many.

Well, I’m going a little bit out on a limb here – I’m recommending a webinar by James Wedmore (free, by the way) about how to create and use great videos to market and add revenue to your business.  I’m going ... 

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Pinterest – Embrace the Waste

Pinterest is a mind-boggling virtually instant success; the biggest indicator, to me, being the speed with which Pinterest became part of the language of television ads and commentary – literally (it seems) within months of launch.  First it launches, then the next thing you know, there it is; Pinterest’s logo right up there alongside the Facebook and Twitter logos, on television commercial footers.  Ah-mazing.

So let’s keep our internet wits about us as we run to jump on the ... 

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Magical Money Source – Crowdfunding

There’s been an almost magical development in the way that small businesses can raise money these days. It used to be that you’d look for an angel investor or a chance to present before a venture capital group. Still worthwhile endeavors – but now there’s a new and exciting option – crowdfunding. This is where you use an online platform to present a fund-worthy project to the world and ask people to make donations or investments in any amount they choose. Sometimes ... 

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Get Twitter Data That’s Actually Immediately Useful

I mean wow.  Many small business owners start to get a brain freeze when social media gurus start talking about the thrill of digging into data about your social media activities – but I’ve discovered a quick, cut-to-the-chase program that shows you what the heck is going on with your Twitter community.

It’s not triple level, gobbledeegook esoteric knowledge, either – it’s straightforward number crunching of the most useful information that Ed Everyman can understand ... 

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More People Have Mobile Phones Than Electricity

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

More people have mobile phones than electricity or safe drinking water. In fact, mobile is the most pervasive technology ever invented.  Do you have your mobile website yet? Thanks to Business Insider for this chart. Click here to learn the answer to “what is a mobile website?”  Want to get a mobile website in days? Watch this 15- min video on what a mobile website is and how to get one quick.

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Pinterest Warning – Read This First

Do you have a Pinterest account that you’re using for business purposes – in whole or in part? It’s great that the platform is so popular.  But as with all social media, you should think about how it works, who’s using it, and why, before you throw your boat in the water and start paddling.

Here’s an excellent article on how to use Pinterest best – and how to totally miss the boat. Click here to read about how ... 

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Facebook and The New Timeline – Changing It Up Again

Sigh.  Facebook is changing it up again with the new Facebook Timeline, and we all need to know what the changes are all about, how they affect us, and what we need to do to avoid any of the Facebook Circles of Hell: Will there again be unwanted photo tagging, or breach of privacy, or access given out when we didn’t want it, or crummy looking layout or content all of a sudden, or something new and exciting (but not in a fun way) that we haven’t even thought of yet?

I still wonder how Facebook’s “Fear ... 

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