A Better, Tech-ier Way To Send Money Overseas

money flying

The extent to which people are moving around the globe; traveling overseas, taking extended stays, becoming expats – well, you’d think the whole world was their home.

Wait a minute, the whole world is our home, isn’t it?

More Travel. More Money Moving Around the Globe.

As we grow older, many of us are traveling more, including internationally. Not only might we have more time to travel than when we were younger; thanks to the internet and laptops, many of us can take our work with us, making ... 

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Hectic Holidays? 3 Sites and Apps to Save You Time and Money Right Now and All Year

Woman Kneeling Down Sealing Boxes

You’re running around. You’re spending money. You’re starting to feel that familiar holiday-stress, that slippery-slope feeling: not enough time, too much spending.

Your natural instinct is to double down on the hours of holiday preparation, grit your teeth and shell out the money even though it’s starting to feel out of control.

You’re not alone. Holidays are stressful and exhausting for many. This is especially true for women, who are, let’s face it, often the holiday-makers of the ... 

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How to Use Tech to Donate to Good Causes For Free

hands holding coins

Contributing to the common good is one of the very best reasons for becoming more tech savvy. And it’s even better when your use of tech helps people in need (or the planet) at no cost to you, and via a process that makes your donations automatic and effortless. Once you set up your participation, you’ll ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I do this?”

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the massive earthquakes in Mexico (can these disasters ... 

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