Is Your Photo Making You Look Bad?

woman in outdated pantsuit

Notice I didn’t ask, “Do YOU look bad?” I asked, rather, “Is your PHOTO making you look bad?” Photos can do that – and I don’t mean photos that we think look terrible, but rather photos that we think look perfectly fine, but that are in fact creating the wrong impression about us.

Have you ever looked at someone’s photo on their website and thought, “Ooh boy, that woman looks totally out of date,” or have you seen a photo of a businesswoman that made you think that she’s not ... 

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Just Stop It – Boomerang’s “Pause” Button for Gmail

finger pointing at pause inbox button

I have to get my oil changed. I hate to get my oil changed. So I planned ahead; I would do this detested chore in the least time possible with a minimum of psychic pain.

My Plan for My Day 

Here was my plan: I always start my workday early – around 6:30 am, so no big deal to work for an hour, shut down my laptop, and then leave for Big O Tires. I’d arrive 10 minutes before they open, holding at the ready my special discount coupon that arrived in the mail last week. I’d be first ... 

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I Love Grammarly Because It Pats Me On The Head


Here’s another installment in my “Best Thing Since Sliced Bread” series: an app called Grammarly. It’s awesome. Why? Because it makes me look smarter and more accurate than I really am. Gotta love that, right?

Plus, Grammarly pats me on the head occasionally, and at my age, a pat on the head doesn’t occur very often. Remember that feeling back in first grade when your teacher put a gold star on your paper? Or wrote “good job!” in red pencil at the top of the page? Yep, Grammarly ... 

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Manterruptions – It’s Not Just You

woman with man's finger over mouth

Just sayin’. Or trying to, anyway… Women are interrupted far more often than men are. Mostly it’s men who do it, but women do it too. So if you’re interrupted often, it’s not just you. It’s a persistent and pervasive gender bias. Not complaining. Just sayin’. Be aware. Learn to adapt. And don’t perpetuate it yourself.

Read “How men continue to interrupt even the most powerful women,” by Yonja Jacobi and Dylan Schweers, on Big Think.

Interesting ... 

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Password Hell

woman holding help sign

Here’s what they all tell you:

  • Never use a password that includes names, numbers, or places from your life.
  • Never use the same password twice.
  • Never write down your passwords.
  • Never store your passwords on your computer or your phone.
  • Never give your passwords to anyone else.

Password Rules Are Hell

According to the rules above, you’re supposed to:

  • Use a different password for every account you have online
  • Use passwords that don’t contain anything from your life – i.e. people, pets, places you’ve been, favorite teams, or anything else that somebody might guess you would use
  • Keep no record of your passwords, anywhere
  • Trust absolutely no one with your passwords

Um, does that sound doable to you?

Heck no. It’s classic circular logic. Catch-22. Absurd. Impossible.

It’s Password Hell.

Most of Us Break the Password Best-Practice Rules

All these great rules leave us right where we started: Nowhere.

So most of us do what humans will do – we cheat. Either we use names and places that mean something to us to help us remember our passwords, or we use the ... 

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Hectic Holidays? 3 Sites and Apps to Save You Time and Money Right Now and All Year

Woman Kneeling Down Sealing Boxes

You’re running around. You’re spending money. You’re starting to feel that familiar holiday-stress, that slippery-slope feeling: not enough time, too much spending.

Your natural instinct is to double down on the hours of holiday preparation, grit your teeth and shell out the money even though it’s starting to feel out of control.

You’re not alone. Holidays are stressful and exhausting for many. This is especially true for women, who are, let’s face it, often the holiday-makers of the ... 

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