Woo hoo! I just finished working with a brilliant client named Jenni Gabelsberg, the director of Women’s Advantage | Men’s Optimal Health, to redesign and upgrade her website, and I had so much fun working with her not only because it was satisfying to improve her design and add the SEO and security features that her site sorely needed, but because I so highly respect the work that they’re doing at the practice. Jenni and her staff bring relief from pain, discomfort, worry, and embarrassment for so many women, men and children in the South Bay area of Southern California with their innovative pelvic physical therapy treatments. They treat conditions ranging from urinary incontinence to post-C-section recovery to pelvic pain to post-prostatectomy recovery to childhood bedwetting – and their compassion, understanding, and phenomenal success rates can be seen in the numerous patient and physician testimonials on their website. I’ve learned a lot from working with Jenni, and I’ve asked her if she would write some guest blog posts for the Women At Woodstock website on issues of concern to over-50 women. You’ll be hearing from Jenni soon.

Meanwhile, I’m so happy to say that Jenni’s new site now has anti-hacking and anti-spam features in place, SEO enhancements such as custom metadata for all top-level pages, intelligent keyword usage based on a multi-tiered keyword research and sorting process, easy navigability, and heightened searchability via registration of her site with the top-level online directories.  Check out her Before and After website screenshots below!

P.S. When I started working with Jenni, her site’s Alexa score was 7,193,013. (Remember, Alexa scores are “popularity” scores, with a score of 1 being the very best. The smaller the numeric value of the Alexa score, the better your site is performing.) Now that her new website is live, her score has dropped a whopping 5 million-plus points to 1,830,960 – an improvement of 74%!

The New Website

Women’s-Advantage-new homepage


The Old Website – Before Redesign

Womens-Advantage-old website homepage


Click here to visit the new website for Women’s Advantage | Men’s Optimal Health.

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    1. Thank you! It’s amazing what WordPress and a proper setup will do to improve a website’s appearance and web traffic.

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