Seriously. You. Must. Do. Video.

And I have a suggestion that makes it so easy!

Yes, I know everyone’s telling you to put video on your website.  Here’s the why and a great way to achieve the how.

First the “why.” Video attracts more attention, and is chosen more often, when it’s in a list of website options in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  That’s great – but have you noticed the menu on the left of your SERP – where you can choose whether to see “All” the SERP results for your search, or just images, or ... 

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When is it best for YOU to tweet?

If you use Twitter, you’ve probably heard advice about the best times to tweet – those days and hours when the highest number of people are on Twitter, looking at their feeds. Experts will advise you that those are the best windows of opportunity for tweeting. This advice is good to know, but it’s very, very general… it doesn’t at all take into account target marketing – which we all know is so important to reach your market ... 

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Free Webinar: Your 10-POINT TUNE-UP for PR, Social Media & Web Traffic

In 50 minutes, learn the 10 things that you should and CAN be doing to rev up your PR, your Facebook, your Twitter, blogging, email campaigns, search engine optimization and backlink building to drive more traffic to your website.  And, learn how to make it all hang together so that you have an integrated, get-real-results strategy – with all your activities running in tandem like a well-oiled machine.  Finally – learn the 4 best tools to automate the back-end of your operation, freeing ... 

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6 Ways to Fail at SEO

SEO infographic
Here are the top 6 ways that many small business owners fail at SEO, and what to do about them. If you miss the boat on these, your web traffic is gonna suck. 1.    “I already took care of it.  My SEO is done.”

Like grocery shopping, there is no “done.” New rules, new social media platforms, new search algorithms – the collection of tools and techniques you can and should – and shouldn’t – employ to keep driving traffic your way are constantly evolving.  You must keep up with SEO, or hire a trusted expert to perform this important service for you on an ongoing basis.  It’s not a one-shot deal.

2.    One Captain.  No players.

Unless ... 

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10-Point Checklist to Tune Up Your Web Traffic-Driving Machine

If you’re on top of online marketing for your business, then chances are you’ve put up a website, a blog, a Facebook business page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account, and you send out regular emails to your mailing list.  Maybe you even do more than that!

Is it working?  Are you driving lots of traffic your way and making lots of sales?

Or not so much?

It could be that you’ve bought the car, so to speak, but failed to keep air in the tires and oil in the crankcase.  ... 

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The New Facebook Send Button – Social Media Gets More Personal

Have you heard of the new Send Button from Facebook?  You can add it to your website or blog to create a button with the Facebook icon and the word “send.”  It allows a visitor to click on the button and then either send an inbox message to individual Facebook friends, post to the group wall of any group they’ve joined, or send a message to email addresses.    This is different from the Like ... 

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The New Google Search Algorithm – What Does It Mean To You?

No doubt you’ve heard that Google has changed its search algorithm this year.  The effect is supposed to be better support of higher quality websites that have good, useful content.  Sites built by web savvy types that bend and abuse the rules of the game solely to attract traffic are supposed to lose some of their edge under the new search and return process.

You can read Google’s official announcement about the update here.

How will this affect you?  Will the new methods drive traffic ... 

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How to Add a Tab to Your Facebook Page – iFrames Made Easy

In the past we’ve written about Alternate Reveal Tabs and how they can add Likers for your Facebook business page.  A new visitor to your page will land on this tab, and see a page that offers something of interest or of value (a discount coupon, for example) that will be revealed/delivered when the visitor clicks “Like” for the page.  When the Like button is clicked, a new view of the same page is revealed, delivering the promised item of interest or value.

It used to be that ... 

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Guest Blogging to Build Backlinks

We found a resource that makes it possible to find and contribute to blogs as a guest blogger without searching the internet using a bunch of keywords and reading blog after blog, then searching for the blog host’s email address.  It’s called Blogger Linkup, and it’s a free clearinghouse where those seeking guest bloggers and those seeking to contribute to others’ blogs can post what they’re seeking and find matches. 

Guest blogging is a great way to not only build backlinks but also to simply spread the word about your product, service, or expertise, and build your presence on the web.  And when you’re a guest blogger, you enjoy at least an implied endorsement from the blog host – almost like being recommended to his or her community of followers who already trust the host.  Guest blogging is well worth the work required to create your new posts.  Just check out each blog first at  ... 

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